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The Brittany Club of Great Britain does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder, and potential puppy owners are encouraged to meet with breeders, their dogs and to gain as much information about the breed as possible.

As Members of the Club the advertisers are bound by our Code of Ethics, which helps us protect the well-being of parents and puppies, and as a Club we strongly recommend that potential puppy owner(s) ensure that puppies are from fully health tested parents.

Further details on our Code of Conduct & Ethics regarding breeding can be found here:

We wish you ever success with your new family member, and hope that you will become a member of the Brittany Club of Great Britain.

Any enquiries regarding current or forthcoming litters, or to advertise a litter please contact:

Ann SamardzijaPuppy Register & Stud Dog List Co-ordinator


Tel: 01902 326458

Litters for Sale and Stud Dogs

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See these links for a list of Litters and Stud Dogs.

Litter information

Please provide the information below to the Puppy Register Co-ordinator if you wish to have your litter listed here.

Note to Admins, create a new post of with category ‘puppies-for-sale’ so that they appear in the list above. Use the Reusable Block called ‘Litter Information’ to add litter information to a new post (need to convert to standard block to edit).

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