Show Show Critiques

Open Show 24 Sep 2017 – Critiques

Open Show Main classes 24th September 2017

I would just like to thank the Officers and Committee for asking me to judge at their well-run Open Show, I was honoured and delighted. Also, a big thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their quality dogs, I was spoilt for choice.

There was a lovely atmosphere around the ring and the weather was kind to us so it was great to be able to hold the show outside.

Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch
1st Gudgin’s Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue.
What a quality young bitch, just loved her, with everything just right for her age. Feminine Head with correct 3 to 2 proportions, a lovely dark eye giving a soft expression. Short neck, well laid shoulders, lovely bone and substance for age with a well-developed body. Good width of thigh and so sound on the move for her age. BPIS

Novice Dog
1st Samardzija’s Patouche Lambert
Balanced throughout, pleasing head with a typical outlook, strong neck and good depth and substance. Short back and lovely width of thigh. Moved well.

Post Graduate Dog
1st Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent.
Nicely put together with a good masculine head. Correct ear set and kind eye and expression. Short neck, well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Well-rounded quarters. Moved with ease.
2nd Wilson’s Denandmeg Mill Reef.
Pleasing type but not as mature as the winner. Well-made front assembly with plenty of heart room. Short back and well-rounded quarters. Sound but not as positive on the move as the winner.

Limit Dog
1st Anderson’s Rochus Moet.
Quality dog from every angle. Super balanced head with the correct 3 to 2 ratio. Lovely eye shape and ear set, short neck, excellent lay of shoulders that are set wide at the point of shoulder. Short cobby body and a lovely spring of rib. Moderate bend of stifle with a good width of thigh. Lovely steady mover and should worry the best when fully matured. RES BD.

Open Dog
1st Barlow-Evans Rochus Huxley.
Bigger size of dog but balanced throughout. Lovely head and expression with a short neck and well laid shoulders. Lovely bone and substance with well-developed hindquarters. Moved with drive
2nd Tillybirloch Jem.
Nice type with a good eye and ear set. Lovely balanced body with good spring of rib, correct bone and a moderate bend of stifle.

Special Open Orange/White Dog
1st Anderson’s Sh.Ch. Rochus Folio.
Just what I was looking for, loved his overall balance and breed type. Masculine throughout but not coarse in any way. Best of heads with correct proportions and well set ears. Lovely size, cobby appearance and he is so clean over the neck and shoulders with correct width at point of shoulder. Excellent front assembly, best of feet, lovely depth, Correct top line and tail set. Moderate bend of stifle with well-rounded quarters. Moved with such reach and drive and I was delighted to award him BD & BIS.

Veteran Dog
1st Potter & Cooks Sh.Ch. Tailliside Winter Berry.
This lad really belies his age. Full of breed type with a balanced head, good neck and shoulders, straight in front with plenty of depth and substance. Nice spring of rib, correct bone and well-developed quarters. Moved out so well both fore and aft. BVIS
2nd Wilson’s Sh.Ch. Daraydala Beaumont.
Another lovely type of dog who is so well throughout and has such a typical appearance. Nice head and expression. Short back and keeps his topline on the move. Good depth, excellent spring of rib and correct bone. Moved well.

Puppy Bitch
1st Gudgin’s Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue

Junior Bitch
1st Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique.
Such a beautiful type of bitch and she is so feminine throughout. Head planes are correct as is the ratio. Lovely eye shape with a soft expression and correct ear set. Short neck and a lovely shoulder placement. Good front and depth, short body and well-rounded quarters. Holding her topline at all times. A free and easy mover Res BB

Post Graduate Bitch.
1st Barlow- Evans Rochus Luna.
Nicely balanced with a good head, Correct shoulder placement, short back and good front assembly. Pleasing bone with good depth. Moved well.
2nd Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jalo.
Very balanced appearance with a typical outlook. Lovely head, plenty of depth and body, lovely spring of rib and correct bone. Just carrying too much weight today.
3rd Boaz’s Jassendue Liana.

Limit Bitch
1st Davies’s Rochus Lottie.
These 2 bitches could change places on another day, I just preferred the quarters of the winner but a close decision. Lovely balanced head with correct ratio. Good eye shape and well set ears. Short and cobby with an excellent spring of rib. Good front, pleasing topline and the best of hindquarters. Moved soundly with drive.
2nd Southorn’s Rochus Juliet.
Lovely type and so feminine throughout with a balanced outlook. Best of heads with a pleasing eye and soft expression. Cobby short body with a firm topline. Sound on the move both fore and aft.
3rd Wilson’s Lily De Passemarias ( IMP FR )

Open Bitch
1st Anderson’s Rochus Jayricnbrits Hattie.
Pretty bitch with a super head and expression. Straight  in front, very clean over her neck and shoulders, short back, firm topline, best of quarters with a  moderate bend of stifle. Moved with ease and drive.
2nd Yarrow’s Sh.Ch. Bonapartist Grande Duchess.
Balanced throughout with a lovely head, short neck and well laid shoulders. Good front with excellent depth and plenty of heart room. Strong topline, well sprung ribs and strength in hindquarters. Not as positive on the move as the winner today.
3rd Robinsons Rochus Hazel to Tarward

Special Open Orange/White Bitch
1st Sh.Ch. Highclare Flaming Nora.
This bitch is so feminine throughout, lovely eye and expression with an excellent lay of shoulder and another with correct width of shoulder. Excellent front assembly with good depth, firm topline and well-developed quarters. Free and easy mover who covered the ground on a good stride. BB & Res BIS
2nd Anderson’s Rochus Jemima.
Another quality bitch from this kennel. Lovely type with correct head proportions. Short neck, well placed shoulders, short cobby body and good width of thigh.  Moved with drive.

Veteran Bitch
1st Southorn’s Rochus Vefa.
Nicely balanced with a good head and eye shape and correct ear set.  Well placed shoulders, good depth and substance throughout and well-rounded quarters. Moved well
2nd Anderson’s Rochus Christel.
This bitch has excellent strength and substance throughout. Good head proportions. Very clean over her neck and shoulders with a good topline and plenty of bone.  Presented lovely condition. Moved well

Special Working Bitch
1st Boaz’s Jassendue Liana.
Good size and type of bitch but really needs to mature to complete the picture. Lovely eye and expression, well placed shoulders with good depth and firm topline.  Steady mover.

Judge Irene Glen