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Open Show – 23 Sep 2021 – Critiques

Critiques for the BCGB the re-scheduled February 2021 Open Show held on 23 Sep 2021 in conjunction with National Dog Show Championship Show at Staffordshire County Showground.


Main Classes: Mrs Barbara Stamp (Tynsil)

Special Classes: Mr Martyn J Rees (Tyndale)

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Main Classes

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Special Classes

The Brittany Club Of Great Britain
Thursday 23rd September 2021
I should like to extend my sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of The Brittany Club Of Great Britain for inviting me to Judge 3 special classes during their Open Show – I considered it a great honour and privilege to have been afforded this opportunity and was thrilled with the size of the entry and depth of quality of those dogs entered. It was a most enjoyable day and experience for me and I greatly appreciated the opportunity of the appointment, which allowed me to Judge many quality dogs.

SY-AD Astra Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (4)

1ST Graham & Yarrow, Mrs L & Mrs J, Bonapartist Pickpocket: A male of just 22 months of age. A beautifully balanced dog with the requisite square outline. His head shape is correct viewed from both the front and side with strong muzzle and underjaw and correctly placed and set ears. Dentition correct, clean and complete. Clean neck well set into good lay of shoulder. Very good depth and width to chest, well rounded ribcage and short loin. Good hindquarter assembly without exaggeration. Quality bone and feet. Round, tight feet with short nails. Moved on a brisk short stride.

2ND Molton, Mr W I & Mrs E P, Bonapartist Pegogotty: A bitch of again 22 months of age. Well presented and shown. Head of correct proportions with intelligent expression, dentition correct, clean and complete, moderate stop, strong, tapered muzzle without appearance of being snipey. Ears set high good forehand assembly, chest deep with good width, ribs well sprung and rounded back short with strong loin, Tight feet with short nails. Topline held on the move.

3RD Yarrow, Mr P A & Mrs J A, Pesh Di Val Grossa Of Bonapartist (IMP IT)

Reserve: Cutler, Mrs M J, Rochus Serpentine With Jayricnbrits

ST – Sandy Massie Memorial Special Open BCGB Tan Dog or Bitch (7, 2abs)

1ST Cocking & Barnaby, Miss J L & Mr P Bonapartist Odette At Ruckinite: I loved this bitch as soon as she came into the ring as she fulfils the mental template I have for this lovely breed. Feminine yet sturdy and fit for purpose and free from exaggeration. Extremely well balanced. Balanced feminine head of correct proportions. Dark eye of correct shape and high earset. Dentition correct, clean and complete, Super clean neck leading to muscular shoulders and well rounded and sprung ribcage. Deep chest and of good width with elbows tight to the brisket. Loin short and muscular. Well muscled hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. Round, tight feet with sort nails. Correct brisk movement which won her the class.

2ND Poole, Mr M & Mrs L, Sanbosier Naos At Laurremar: Male of just over 4 years of age. Another who presented a balanced square and cobby outline. Well shaped head with strong muzzle and moderate
stop, correct, clean and complete dentition and high earset. Deep chest of good width and well-rounded ribcage. Strong in hindquarters with good muscletone. Excellent bone and feet with short nails. Moved
briskly but also demonstrating little rear extension.

3RD Cutler, Mrs M J, Tarward Precious Girl With Jayricnbrits

Reserve: Southorn, Mrs K, Rochus Nelke

SO – Peter Green Memorial Special Open Dog Or Bitch (12)

1ST Yarrow, Mr P A & Mrs J A, SH CH Bonapartist Odile: This bitch of nearly 3 years years of age epitomises breed type all through – a total privilege to complete a hands-on assessment of her. On the stack she presents a true breed outline in all areas – square and cobby with no exaggeration. Her head is correctly proportioned with a soft expression, strong muzzle and good underjaw and correctly set ears. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Clean neck that leads seamlessly into muscular well laid shoulders. Deep chest of good width with elbows tight to the brisket. Good length of foreleg with good bone and feet with short nails. Well rounded ribcage and short muscular loin. She has the correct slope of croup with well muscled powerful thighs. Lovely brisk movement maintaining her outline throughout.

2ND Yarrow, Mr P A & Mrs J A, SH CH Bonapartist Orchid Of Lyndfil: Another super quality exhibit of 3½ years of age. Well balanced – she presented a super square and cobby outline when standing. Her head is clean and of the correct proportions with good width of skull, medium stop and strong muzzle and correct, clean and complete dentition.. High set well placed ears. Clean neck leading through to a very good layback of shoulder. Her chest is deep and with elbows that are close to the brisket. Forelegs of good length. Well rounded ribcage leading to short, strong loin. Totally unexaggerated hindquarters with moderate turn of stifle. Excellent bone and feet with short nails. Moved briskly with the desired hind

3RD Anderson, Mr J & Mrs B A, Rochus Marvin
Reserve: Southorn, Mrs K, SH CH Rochus Juliet

Martyn J Rees (Judge)