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Novice Field Trial – 25 Oct 2021 – Judges Report

Judges Field Trial Report

The Brittany Club of Great Britain

Novice (12 Dog) Stake

A Novice Stake, Open to all HPR breeds, Held at Radbourne , Derbyshire, on Monday 25th October 2021. By kind permission of Mr. N. Cooper and The Radbourne Shoot.

Weather Conditions

The temperature gradually warmed to 17 degrees. Wind conditions were gentle and consistent throughout the Trial. Scenting conditions appeared to be straight forward.

Type of Ground

A combination of ground consisting primarily of field boundary Hedgerows and a white grass, filled tree plantation.

Species of Game

Pheasant and Partridge

Game Certificate …Signed


1st….No. 7….Tweed Mull….HWV Bitch Owned and Handled by Mr. S. Bennet

C.O.M….No. 9 Archenfield Islay….HV Bitch Owned and Handled by Mr. N. Lambert

Guns Award….No. 6 Cadanbyrig….GLP Bitch Owned and Handled by Mrs. A. Jones


1st….No. 7….Tweed Mull….HWV Bitch Owned and Handled by Mr. S. Bennet

First Run…. This dog came into Line at number 7. It was asked to work a thick hedge-line, working obediently and carefully the dog worked the hedge well, demonstrating its experience. Taking scent the dog hunted forward, coming quickly onto point on a bird located within the ‘hedge- bottom.’ The subsequent point and flush was superbly carried out with the dog remaining steady to flush. The bird flew out of the far side of the hedge and was shot. The gun immediately declaring ‘a runner,’ Handler and dog were taken back along hedge line and around to the opposite side. After accurate instructions from the gun the dog was cast to were the bird was last seen. Taking a nice line the dog persisted to hunt and locate the bird. This was an excellent retrieve.

Second Run…. Once again running a hedge line, another bird was pointed and flushed, sent straight from the point of flush the dog made an excellent retrieve.

C.O.M….No. 9 Archenfield Islay….HV Bitch Owned and Handled by Mr. N. Lambert

First Run….this bitch worked a hedge line with pace and style, she came nicely onto point, flushed when asked and was steady to the fall. The bird was shot and she was asked to retrieve . This was a very nice clean HPR.

Second Run…Running a hedge line the dog indicated scent but nothing was produced.

Water Test – A shot with a mark into water tested steadiness. Both dogs made light work of the swim and retrieve, delivered to hand cleanly and completed the water test.

A superb Trial with thanks to The Brittany Club, Field Trial Secretary Loren Cottrell and Chief Steward John Cottrell . A huge debt of gratitude is owed to ‘The Keeper,’ Mr Nick Cooper for his delightful hospitality and being kind enough to allow The Brittany Club to use this superb Trialling Ground.

A ‘quality’ team of experienced Guns, ensured the plentiful supply of game was accounted for.

May I also take the opportunity to thank my senior judge, Mrs. Maureen Nixon for her expert advice, encouragement and mentoring, making this Judging appointment a real pleasure.


Mrs. Maureen Nixon and Mr. Howard Kirby

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