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To help keep this resource up-to-date please send updates (e.g. change of ownership, titles etc), corrections, photos or suggestions to Photos, particularly ones to help fill in the historic record, would be much appreciated.

Help make make the pedigree search better. Please check your own dogs (search here) for missing or erroneous DOBs, colours, pictures etc. Do you know a dog on one of these listsColour Unknown, DOB Blank or List by Breeder.

The new system adds the ability to view siblings, offspring, reverse pedigrees, up to 8 generations and if available images (thanks to the hard work of Anne Massie). Owner, Breeder and Other Awards are now also searchable. To print a generation please click ‘printable version’ and resize (<5 generations gives best results – see Enhancement Requests below).

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Generated automatically on pedigree updates. Please report any issues.

Ratio of Sexes

Dogs by Colour

Bobtails by Year

Puppies and Litters by Month, Year and Age of Dam (at birth of litter)

Top 100 Dams by Puppies | Top 100 Sires by Puppies

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Selected Searches

Dual Champions

Dual Champions are not shown in the Champions, FT or Show Champions lists even though they did achieve these titles.


FT Champions

Show Champions

UK and Irish Show Champions

Junior Warrant | Show Certificate of Merit

Agility Warrant

Please see Dog Titles for Other UK Titles and Awards

Selected French Titles


Please see Dog Titles for Other French Titles and Awards

Titles by Country

List generated automatically on pedigree update.

Australia Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany International Ireland Italy Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States Uruguay

Please see Dog Titles for Titles and Awards by Country

How to Search Pedigrees

Searches (using the Pedigree Search page) can be done using; Name, Sire, Dam, Breeder, Owner, Colour (Color), Date of Birth (DOB), Photo (photo) or Title (PreTitle, PostTitle, OtherAwards or TitleAwardCode).

The selected searches’ above all use the ‘TitleAwardCode’ drop-down field on the Pedigree Search page and the relevant titel/award short code e.g. ‘UK CH’. See Titles with Descriptions and Related Searches and Information for a list of title/award short codes.

More generic searches can be done using e.g. ‘CH’ or ‘SH CH’ which will show dogs with these awards across countries, by using a country code with a space e.g. ‘UK ‘ which will show all dogs with a UK title/award. The Pedigree System does not record the country of birth so searches are based on the country issuing the title.

To search using the DOB dropdown note that date using the YYYY-MM-DD format. For example ‘2018-11’ (with the ‘Anywhere in field’ selected) will find all dogs born in November 2018. The search ‘-11-‘ will find all dogs born in November.

Square brackets ‘[]’ around a title/award on a dogs pedigree indicate that the particular title/award short code has no description. This, together with the completeness of searches (in particular for French and US titles) is being addressed as part of the short code standardisation, see ‘Enhancements Requests’ below. Any help and input would be gratefully received (email

Recent Changes

Added Pedigree Statistics (ratio of sexes, colours, bobtails, litters by month and year, top 100 dams and sires)

Added ability to search by owner, breeder, other awards and photo

Added Searches for JW, Sh CM, ELITE, TR, REEP, TAN and International Awards etc. Also added various country Title searches, see Dog Titles for Other UK Titles and Awards for a full list.

Added the ability to add a description to title/award short codes so that on pedigrees they are shown correctly e.g. ‘UK DC’ become ‘Dual Champion’ (see note above re [] brackets).

Pedigree printable version link position now clearer.

Enhancement Requests

Add additional checks to the file upload – in progress

Standardise Award short codes to improve searches – in progress

Adjust French Award short codes to improve search results – in progress

Printable Pedigree (i.e. remove images etc) – added for ‘Pedigree’ view, reverse & vertical outstanding

Display Other Awards below name of dog on pedigree form and clean-up duplicate information – in process

Clean-up how additional fields are displayed on pedigrees and search results (e.g. Owner, dob etc) – in progress

Smartphone friendly display – in progres

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