Brittany Club of GB Breed Pedigrees

Siblings of:
SHOW CHAMPION (INT) Aberdon Stuchdan Duighall
Male, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Liver and White, COI=16.7%,
Breeder=Mrs Anne Massie, Owner=Mr & Mrs C & M Becker

Sire Fosscott Phlash Gordon  Male, DOB=12-Jul-1999, Black Tricolour, HIPS=6/5 = 11, COI=11.2% 

Dam Fosscott Octavie  Female, DOB=04-Sep-1998, Liver and White, HIPS=6/6 = 12, COI=19.0% 

Full Siblings
  1. Aberdon Sgurr Fiona  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Orange and White, COI=16.7% 

  2. Aberdon Sgurr Mhairi  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Orange and White, HIPS=5/3=8, COI=16.7% 

  3. Aberdon Sgurr Fhuaran  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Black Tricolour, HIPS=6/6=12, COI=16.7% 

  4. Aberdon Seana Bhraighe  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Liver and White, COI=16.7% 

  5. Aberdon Sgurr Alasdair  Male, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Black and White, COI=16.7% 

  6. Aberdon Sgurr Dhomhuill  Male, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Orange and White, COI=16.7% 

  7. Aberdon Sgurr Na Cailleag  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Liver and White, COI=16.7% 

  8. Aberdon Sgurr Nan Gillean  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Sable, COI=16.7% 

  9. Aberdon Sron Riabhach at Benreeda  Male, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Sable, COI=16.7% 

  10. Aberdon Sron Na Ban-Righ at Fosscott  Female, DOB=13-Jul-2001, Liver and White, HIPS=6/5 = 11, COI=16.7% 

Sire Sibling 1 Hawkwise In The Brambles  Female, DOB=24-Jun-1995, Sable, HIPS=6/6 = 12, COI=7.0% 

  1. Hawkwise Thane  Male, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Sable, COI=6.9% 

  2. Hawkwise Tamdhu  Male, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Sable, COI=6.9% 

  3. Hawkwise Tenace  Female, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Sable, COI=6.9% 

  4. Hawkwise Tempete  Female, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Sable, HIPS=5/13 = 18, COI=6.9% 

  5. Hawkwise Tsigane  Female, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Orange and White, COI=6.9% 

  6. Hawkwise Tarmigan  Female, DOB=02-Nov-2002, Sable, COI=6.9% 

Sire Sibling 2 Lady Damsel  Female, DOB=17-Sep-1997, Orange and White, HIPS=7/7 = 14, COI=17.9% 

  1. Verdi Tertiarius  Male, DOB=08-Mar-2004, Orange and White, COI=1.3% 

  2. Vidocq Madeira Buteo  Male, DOB=08-Mar-2004, Orange and White, COI=1.3% 

  3. Vie Theodon of Rohan  Male, DOB=08-Mar-2004, Black Tricolour, COI=1.3% 

  4. Virtuoso Black Velvet  Male, DOB=08-Mar-2004, Black and White, COI=1.3% 

  5. Vitesse Dorvalstan Charmer  Female, DOB=08-Mar-2004, Orange and White, COI=1.3%