Brittany Club of GB Breed Pedigrees

Pedigree © Brittany Club of GB
SHOW CHAMPION Sonnenberg Julietta
Female, DOB=15-Oct-1994, Orange and White, HIPS=7/7 = 14, COI=2.8%,
Breeder=Mrs E Hughes, Owner=Mrs M Reeves

Rosevale Dominic
Male, DOB=15-Oct-1988, Orange and White, COI=7.2%
Joymonds Valet
Male, DOB=30-Jun-1984, Orange and White, COI=0.3%
Urak Of Joymonds

Dorvalstan Tania of Joymonds

Sonnenberg Viola
Female, DOB=27-Mar-1984, Orange and White, HIPS=2/2 =4, COI=0.1%
Ted De Sous Les Viviers

Dorvalstan Tansy

Bredebeck Eloise Of Sonnenberg
Female, DOB=27-Jan-1990, Orange and White, HIPS=13/12= 25, COI=2.9%
But De Saint Lubin Of Joymonds
Male, DOB=24-May-1986, Orange and White, COI=0.9%
Poker Des Pigenettes

Nouelenn De Goas Vilinic

Bredebeck Belle Of Bryantscroft
Female, DOB=19-May-1985, Orange and White, COI=0.4%
Dorvalstan Ulrick Of Riscoris
Alouette Of Bredebeck


  Alive based on age (< 16 yrs old)
  Possibly alive based on age (between 16 and 20 yrs old)
  Deceased based on age (> 20 yrs old)
  No DOB