Brittany Club of GB Breed Pedigrees

Pedigree © Brittany Club of GB
Demi Du Poulit Sans Danis TR (FR)
Male, DOB=05-Aug-1988, Orange and White, COI=0.0%

Blues De L'epi D'or
Male, DOB=28-Sep-1986, Orange and White, COI=2.3%
Poker Des Pigenettes
Male, DOB=25-Apr-1979, Orange and White, COI=0.0%
Laous Des Pigenettes TR (FR)
Male, DOB=04-Dec-1975, Orange and White, COI=0.0%
Tintin De Keranlouan
Male, DOB=20-Jun-1970, Orange and White, COI=0.0%
Poul Tro de Keranlouan

Pigal de keranlouan TR (FR)
Venise Des Pigenettes
Female, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Mouette Des Pigenettes TR (FR)
Female, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Ianis Des Pigenettes
Male, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Sabor Du Sanitas TR (FR)

Rolls Des Pigenettes
Joice Des Pigenettes
Female, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Vidok Des Pigenettes TR (FR)

Ruelle Des Pigenettes
Sybelle De L'epi D'or
Female, Black and White, COI=0.0%
Onnis De Saint Lubin TR (FR)
Male, DOB=10-Feb-1978, Orange and White, COI=0.0%
Iman De Keranlouan
Male, Orange and White, COI=25.0%
Tintin De Keranlouan

Pelez de Keranlouan
Iris Du Kador TR (FR)
Female, DOB=20-Jun-1973, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Satan De Pervinca
Rabbia Du Sanitas TR (FR)
Maline de St Tugen
Female, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Bora Du Poulit Sans Danis
Female, DOB=21-Mar-1986, Orange and White, COI=0.0%
Male, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%
Rika De La Fontaine Aux Saules
Female, Colour Unknown, COI=0.0%


  Alive based on age (< 16 yrs old)
  Possibly alive based on age (between 16 and 20 yrs old)
  Deceased based on age (> 20 yrs old)
  No DOB