Brittany Club of GB Breed Pedigrees

Pedigree © Brittany Club of GB
Athos de Saint Lubin
Male, DOB=18-Feb-2005, Orange and White, HIPS=6/12 = 18, COI=9.27%,
Breeder=Monsieur D Desprez, Owner=Mrs P A Rush, ID=2723

Lasso de Sous les Viviers TR (FR)
Male, DOB=22-Jun-1995, Orange and White, COI=2.79%
Fench de Sous les Viviers TR (FR)
Male, DOB=30-Mar-1990, Orange and White, COI=1.25%
Alias des Pigenettes TR (FR)

Cilene de Sous les Viviers
Havane de Janville de la Quenouilliere TR (FR)
Female, DOB=24-Sep-1992, Orange and White, COI=1.67%
Crak De Sous Les Viviers TR (FR)

Diane de Janville de la Quenouillere
Thais de Saint Lubin
Female, DOB=13-Feb-2002, Black and White, COI=3.51%
ELITE (FR) Iska De Saint Lubin TR (FR)
Male, DOB=17-May-1993, Black Tricolour, HIPS=HD-B, COI=3.04%
Cyrano Du Clos Des Erondes

Diva De Saint Lubin
Nouchka de Saint Lubin TR (FR)
Female, DOB=10-Apr-1997, Orange and White, COI=1.26%
Luron de Sous les Viviers
Iris de la Vallee du Boel TR (FR)



  Alive based on age (< 16 yrs old)
  Possibly alive based on age (between 16 and 20 yrs old)
  Deceased based on age (> 20 yrs old)
  No DOB